A Short Introduction......

The steep in history gham of Bakharla is roughly situated north east of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth place city of Porbandar. Bakharla gham itself has several iconic places of interest and attractions which are notably visited by the incumbents in India and expatriats. The existence of Bakharla gham is verified by Google Maps, Google Earth, its location confirmed at Latitude: 21.73194 & Longitude: 69.63531 and indeed, Bakharla is proudly included in Wikipedia.

These numerous places of historical interest and attractions which are well worth visiting and chief among these are the numerous Mandirs, one of them being Bakharla Chamunda Mandir, which is located on the northern outskirts of Bakharla and can be accessed by heading outwards on State Highway 95 towards Nagka gham and thereafter Bhanvad gham. The Chamunda Mandir, probably like other Hindu Mandirs - Hindu Temples in Gujarat, is open 24 hours a day for the worship of Hindu Gods / Deities and those seeking meditation and solace. Its also conveniently used by the locals as a meeting point during the day to exchange news, views and the days happening in the gham. Incidently, the old Chamunda Mandir is still located in the heart of Bakharla just to left of the Chowk and past the office shared by the Gham Sarpanch and Munthri.

Bakharla's Maher Raas spectacle at the Holi festival is well recognised within all most all communities within the Barda Dungar area, beyond the boundaries of Gujarat and India. With their traditional crisp white dress the men look smart whilst performing.

With up to nine schools in and around Bakharla key education is provided from the early years of childhood through to the age of 16. Various higher education facilities are available and are closely location in Porbandar some 12 Km from Bakharla. Education in Bakharla is provided by both private and government sectors.


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