Our helpers

who are they?

Popat S. Khunti

+91 9824859414

Popatbhai originally from Bakharla but lives in Adityana enjoys spending his spare time serving the community of his forefathers. He takes responsibility for organising photo shoots and video events throughout the year.

Suresh Odedra

+91 9979793191

Sureshbhai lives in Boricha and manages his own events video business. Besides he certainly uses his unique skills to help the Bakharla team to capture all our events, edit and publish videos.

People of Bakharla

For contact details please see our Gham officials website page.

Without the people of Bakharla nothing that we do would be possible. The people of Bakharla are forward thinking and kind hearted, which allows them to see the wider picture of the benefits that brings with the development of internet oriented services.