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We post all most all of our events, festivals and videos of interest on our YouTube Channel for our friends around the worldwide to see and enjoy. Its the next best thing to being in Bakharla. Here are some of our popular videos that are available to view on our YouTube Channel.


Maher Raas in Bakharla

Draped in deep historical tradition is our own Maher Raas with performances that have circumnavigated the world. With customary crisp white attire, headdress and technically superior and unmatched. This video was recorded in September 2013 in Bakharla with our own Maher Raas Group performing at our Gham's Navratri festival.

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Holi in Bakharla

The annual Holi festival in Bakharla is like no other in Gujarat (and possibly India) with celebrations lasting over three days instead of the traditional two, which attracts players and audience from around the world. With nearly 4000 views and one of the favourites with our audience is this particular Holi video showing the top down view which was recorded in 2013. Many more Holi videos are available to view on our YouTube channel.

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Our Videos

A small selection of our videos on display here which are all available on YouTube, most in HD with some in 4K.

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